Natalie and her beach buddy Ramsey.

What a face!

Yuri and Ramsey enjoy a stroll in the ocean.

Happy Tails

Tasha finds out that pit bulls make great snuggle buddies!


Natalie, Yuri and Tasha have adopted another BullsEye dog to add to their brood. They have named her Raiya and report "We love them so much, they are the best dogs ever!! Thank you again for bringing us all together."


My name is Natalie. My family (husband Yuri and 8 year old daughter Tasha) and I recently adopted Ramsey (on July 24th).

We spent several years preparing for this adoption. We wanted to buy a home with land and have at least one of us be able to spend a good amount of time with our new dog.

This year, we finally realized our dream of home ownership! We had struggled with this for a while. For some reason, this May, everything seemed to fall into place. Obviously, we were meant to be in this place and have this home.

We all agreed on a Pit Bull Terrier. I did a lot of reading about the breed and, after unpacking and settling in, I wasted no time getting on Pet Finder!

Well, we all liked different dogs. Tasha and I would agree on one but Yuri wouldn't like it. Twice, we all agreed on one, filled out an application but then never heard back from the rescue group! One night (very late) on the computer I saw Ramsey and loved that face immediately. I showed Tasha and Yuri the next day and they agreed. Yeah!! I filled out the BEDR adoption application and then heard back from Becky Meigs within a few days. We arranged a home visit and to our delight, Becky was able to bring Ramsey with her. I have to say, after the 3 of us disagreeing so many times - we all had the same feeling when we saw him: love at first sight!!

In the 5 days between our home visit and our meet and greet, I could not stop thinking about this dog!! We were supposed to come to the meet and greet to meet 2 other dogs (who were also very cute).But, in our minds, we were coming there to pick up Ramsey and bring him home...and so we did.

Just like when everything came together for us to buy our home, everything fell into place to adopt Ramsey. Really, we were meant to be together. I thought we would wear him out with all of our love, but he takes it all in and then gives it back (and then some!). He acted like a member of our family from day one. Tasha follows him around with a towel (the slobber!!). They play together and nap together. We take him everywhere we can. This week it was the ocean - what a blast!! I don't know who had more fun, us or Ramsey. He is doing well in the obedience class and we practice at home when ever we can.

Thank you Becky for making the trip down to Rainier, with Ramsey, for our home visit. And, thank you to everyone at BEDR for all you do for these wonderful animals. I hope you know how much joy you bring into the lives of the dogs and the humans who adopt them.

Natalie, Yuri and Tasha