Oso embracing his innner flower child.

Oso at the pride parade.

Oso working the Pit Bull outreach.

Happy Tails


Oso the Little Bear

Me and my buddy Oso were officially united on December 31st, 2010 (New Years Eve)! This little guy won my heart big time. During our one week trial period, he kinda had a rough start...because of his awesome excitement and curiosity, he thought it would be so much fun to explore under the back porch. As you know the winters in the PNW means lots, and lots, of rain, so all the little creepy crawly bugs need a nice dark and dry place to hang out for 6 months. While Oso was playing hide and seek, a mean old spider decided to show him who’s boss with a nasty bite. :( Me not knowing about this evil spider, I woke up the next day to one lumpy pup. The poor guy had hives all over his body...and he couldn’t stop scratching the entire day.

I completely freaked out and thought I broke my dog within the first couple of days of the trial week. While trying not to explode into tears, I frantically called Gretchen and I told her about Oso’s sad little self. After a day or two of troubleshooting her and Jen decided to take him to the vet. I went with Oso to the vet and when it was time to leave him there I felt so, so sad. In the meanwhile, Jen took me to a gigantic pet store down the road. Being a new doggy mom and all, I wanted to buy everything in the store for Oso...but thankfully I didn’t.

When it was time to go retrieve my new four legged friend, I was so excited to show Oso all the cool new stuff I got him! The vet confirmed that he was indeed bit by a mean old stupid spider, and that's what caused his lumpiness.

A few days later Oso was back to normal and we continued to get to know each other. I fell completely in love with him.
Gretchen and Jen were so awesome that they called to make sure everything was ok. Our trial period came to an end, and Gretchen gave me her seal of approval! She handed me the adoption papers and I nervously scribbled my name numerous times till each bit of paperwork was completed. Then it became official!

The past New Year’s Eve that Oso and I have spent together have been absolutely beautiful and life changing. BIG thank you to Gretchen and Jen for guiding me throughout the last couple of years of my new doggy mom-hood. And BIG thanks and appreciation to Bullseye Dog Rescue for letting me and Oso join the family.

What’s Oso been up to?
He makes everybody laugh and smile!
He’s gone to work with me and did some doggy outreach for the homeless youth of Seattle.
He also accomplished his CGC test.

He makes all the little kids laugh and smile.

He then completed and passed his therapy dog training and now volunteers at a couple of old folks homes.

He also makes more people giggle and smile.
Me & Oso visiting baby chickens!
And most recently he has become an official ESA (Emotional Support Animal) of the National Service Animal Registry.

And uh yeah, he makes me and my partner Simon smile every single day. <3

Oso, Maxx & Simon