Olivia walks Annie, a former BullsEye adoptive dog

Jake can't wait to dig in to all the birthday goodies!


Olivia's Birthday Party- A Special Request

In early April 2008, BullsEye Dog Rescue received a very touching request from an amazing family that we wanted to share with you.

Hello Lorrie,

My name is Lisa and my daughter Olivia is celebrating her 8th birthday this month. In lue of gifts, Olivia has chosen to request donations and would like to direct them to a Pitbull rescue. I was hoping that you may be able to accept what we collect. Maybe you could send me a wish list of items to provide to people who would rather choose the gift themselves rather then donate monetarily.

I would also like to request that Olivia be able to present her donation/gifts so she can feel the satifaction in her decission to forgo her own birthday gifts and give to a cause that she believes in.

Currently we own a rescued pitbull who was found by a friend of ours 3 years ago tied to a sign on the side of a road in our neighborhood. Olivia was old enough at the time of Lucy becoming a member of our family to understand what the poor puppy had gone through and she now wants to help others like our Lucy find good and loving forever homes and the care that they may need.

Thanks for your time,


BullsEye Dog Rescue received over $200 in toys, food, treats,
gift cards and money from Olivia's amazing generosity.
We think she is a pretty amazing little girl!

Ever try to get a GROUP PHOTO?
We wanted to have a group shot of BullsEye Dog Rescue receiving Olivia's gifts. Throw in three dogs to the mix with more walking by and it's bound to be fun!!
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