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Mocha really is happy

Our Ambassadog

Mocha was brought to the Tacoma Humane Society in November 2010 when her owner, a military serviceperson, was being deployed overseas. Named “Mama” at the time, she was a perky, but pudgy girl... and in heat! She adored people and would flirt with everyone walking by – always in the front of the kennel, paws on the bars, butt wiggling furiously for attention. She soon caught the eye of Humane Society Executive Director, Kathleen Olson and was selected as a potential candidate for the Adopt-a-Bull program, a partnership between the Humane Society and BullsEye Dog Rescue. She passed the behavior tests with flying colors, was cleared for her much-needed spay surgery, and more appropriately named Mocha. She was ready for adoption! 

The Olsons’ Schnauzer, Simone had recently gone over the rainbow at age 14, and their previous foster dog had just been adopted. With room for a new foster dog, Mocha “temporarily” went to stay with the Olsons the week after Thanksgiving. She took to crate training like a champ and integrated seamlessly into Kathleen’s pack, led by lab mix Elroy and Schnauzer Molly. She also got along great with her “cousins” – a Great Dane named Capone, a St. Bernard named Thor, Rosie the Malamute and Scooby the Chow/Shepherd. She was even a good sport about the three resident cats – Cindy Fuzzbucket, Kitty Buster and Kitty Milo – who took great pleasure in taunting her from their kitty tower perches or sitting on top of her crate!

After a couple months, the Olsons decided they were ready to bring their brood back to full capacity again (Tacoma residents are permitted six pets at a time). Mocha turned out to be exactly the type of dog they were missing in their lives, so in late January, Mocha became an official member of the Olson pack. Mocha graduated from training class and now serves as an “Ambassadog” by helping mom out in the Director’s Office at the Humane Society several days a week, charming everyone she meets with that same infectious smile and wiggly butt that won Kathleen over in the first place.