Hera the beautiful


The beloved Miranda


Hera, Comet and Oscar - the buddies!


Happy Tails

Hera is a wonderful pit bull, that like so many others, became a mother way too young. She was found in the shelter by one of BullsEye Dog Rescue's partner organizations. They did not have room in their foster system for her, or her very obviously soon to be born babies. Because of Hera's breed ambassador temperament we agreed to take her and all 13 of her puppies that were born by the time all the arrangements were made! Hera was one of the first to be adopted of her family once the pups were weaned, which is unheard of in rescue. Below is the post to our Yahoo Group from her new dad. We love this story!!

Hi, my name is Steve, I live in the San Juan Islands, and I'm the
lucky one who was allowed to adopt Bullseye's "Mother Of The Year",
Hera. She's been here three days now and things could not be going
better. She's accepted me, my Golden Retriever Comet, and subsidiary
caretakers my parents and my friend Ginni, with such a trusting
open-heartedness, it brings a tear to my eye.

I assumed there would be some little difficulties integrating a new
dog into the household, or that Hera might take some time to feel
comfortable here and accept her new family, but it's all be easier
than rolling off a log.

A month ago I had to have my vet put down my beloved 13 1/2 year old
pit bull Miranda, after a debilitating illness, a spinal
condition that was progressive and incurable. Her decline was
heartbreaking for me and for everyone who knew and loved her. It was
hard on Comet, too, since it became painful to her if he even brushed
her face with his tail. In the last weeks he wasn't able to play with
his dear companion Miranda at all.

I was so devoted and attached to Miranda, I knew I'd be devastated to
lose her so I made a "pact" with her years ago, that when she was gone
I wouldn't wait too long to get another dog. Her final illness and
death sent Comet into a serious depression -- this was another reason
not to delay.

Miranda was a pedigreed red nose from the Calderon line in southern
California (where we lived for most of her life). I decided that the
best memorial I could give this wonderful dog would be to provide a
caring forever home to a rescue dog.

So I googled pit bull rescue and Seattle and ended up applying to
three organizations, including Bullseye. It was a bittersweet
experience seeing how many sweet pups need a permanent home -- I
wished I could adopt them all!

Last Monday, Comet and I drove down to Burien to meet Hera and her
foster Moms Gretchen and Jen. It was love at first sight: for me and
for Comet. Hera and Comet liked each other right away and after
twenty minutes they were wrestling energetically, just the way Miranda had
taught Comet to do: benevolent "play fighting" without causing injury.

Jen and Gretchen were just as kind and welcoming as Hera was. After
watching the dogs interact for over two hours, it just seemed like a
slam-dunk. Driving back from Gretchen and Jen's, I picked up
the phone and canceled my appointments to see other dogs. Comet and I
had found THE ONE.

Gretchen and Jen interrogated me very thoroughly -- which I was
glad of, since it showed how much they and Bullseye care about placing
dogs in the very best homes for them.

On Friday Gretchen and Jen took a whole day out of their schedule to
drive up to the islands, visit my home, see some of the surrounding
area, and deliver the girl.

The first night, Hera woke up several times; she wanted to go out and
check the place where G&J's car had been parked. She also waited
outside the bathroom door from time to time, wondering if that's where
they were hiding.

For the first day, I also noticed she was hesitant to fall asleep --
maybe she worried if she did, when she woke up this new family might
be gone. If she did have any such concerns, they quickly evaporated.
She accepted me immediately and in no time was cuddling up against me
at every opportunity.

Comet accepted Hera into the household without the slightest sign of
jealousy or resentment. From the first day, they wrestled happily,
then they'd catch their breath chewing on toys -- even trading their
toys every few minutes. Comet really came to life and seemed
bright-eyed and joyful again for the first time since Miranda's
illness had enfeebled her.

What can I say! This adoption so far has been a dream come true.
Comet and I are ecstatic to have Hera with us, my parents and Ginni
fell in love with her at first glance, and she's winning the hearts of
every human and dog she meets. She's already a great and adorable
ambassador for
the breed.

I can't possibly express enough gratitude to Gretchen and Jen, Ilene,
Bullseye, and everyone who had a hand in rescuing and fostering Hera
during and after her whelping of her 13 (!) pups. I look forward to
meeting some of her pups in the future, if possible. I also look
forward to meeting some more of you and your dogs.

If I can figure out how to do it, right now, I'll post a picture of me
with Hera and Comet, taken today. Also, a photo of dear departed Miranda with Comet and Oscar, a Golden Retriever who lives up the road. Saturday I
took Hera on a long walk with Comet and Oscar, and she likes Oscar as
much as Miranda did.

Eternal thanks for letting me become part of the Bullseye family!