What's up with that
ear Annie?

Liz and Annie enjoy a sunny day at the beach.

Annie loves her crate..
and nap time too!

Which is bigger, Annie
or the ball?


Happy Tails

Our last happy tail featured Hera, an amazing breed ambassador dog pulled from the shelter and certain death. We are proud to feature her equally amazing daughter Annie as our current happy tail. Annie is following in her mother's footsteps by showing the world the truly wonderful pit bull breed. Lorrie, BullsEye Dog Rescue Co-Founder and President, was Annie's foster mom. As you can imagine, Lorrie has foster A LOT of dog throughout the years. She thinks Annie is one of the most amazing dogs she has ever had the privelege to foster!

Hello to all in this “Bullseye Rescue” group!

My name is Liz and I’m a new member. My husband, Ben, and I recently adopted Annie. I was planning to write a thank-you note to Lorrie, after the adoption, but then realized that I’d like to thank her publicly. I also think that our ‘story’ is worth sharing with the group, so instead I will combine the two and write my “thank you” this way, for all to read:

Ben and I were attending the Seattle Kennel Club Dog Show in early March, just for fun, when I stumbled upon the Bullseye booth and made eye contact with Annie. I think it was love at first sight! Like a kid, I dragged Ben away from visiting with his friends, a few booths away, to come meet and pet this placid little girl who looked at me as though she could see my soul.

Now I’m no religious person, and having two dogs and two cats at home already, I wasn’t in the frame of mind that having a 5th pet was in any way a necessary thing, but she melted me. And while I was there, I also made a new friend – Wayne. He recognized the logo on the jacket I was wearing and we realized that our companies work together and that we have even spoken before by phone, but didn’t know it.

So after a second visit with Annie, we left the dog show… Still talking about her, but thinking that she was not meant to be ours at this point in time for various reasons. Until I got an email from Wayne, connecting me with Lorrie - our first “sign”! From there, the email communication began, an application was filled out, and then phone calls and finally a visit. But then some family stuff happened, and we told Lorrie that we couldn’t make a decision and to not wait for us, but to please place Annie in a home if one should come along for her.

Several weeks passed and the signs kept coming. “Annie”, the musical, was on TV – one of my childhood favorites. “Annie’s Mac & Cheese” is what I eat for lunch at least once a week. Annie-this and Annie-that was appearing everywhere. Signs! (ha ha, right?) Then I started dreaming about her. (I can’t believe I’m typing this. It sounds so corny, but it’s true…) She spoke to me in my dream. She was sitting up like a person and having a heart to heart with me. She told me that she was very nervous and that she “couldn’t relax until I made her mine”. I woke up and cried when I told Ben about my dream and he couldn’t believe it. I’m not the crying type. So I decided right then, at 4:30 a.m., that I’d had enough signs and I was going to call Lorrie that day… AND ANNIE WAS STILL AVAILABLE.

Another sign of sorts, although we didn’t yet know it, is that Momi, our nearly 13 year old black lab, was on her way to doggie-heaven. Momi LOVED Annie when she came for her first visit. (A animal communicator talked to all of our animals and told us this – I know, I can’t quite believe that either, but at the same time I do.) I really believe that Momi waited to let go of life until Annie arrived so that Miso, our other pit-lab mix would not be lonely.

Here we are, back in the present. Annie has been with us for a couple of weeks now and she is a dream. She is SO good and SO much fun. She has provided us with much needed laughter and light and love in our house since her arrival, even though it was terribly sad to have to take Momi to the vet and hold her while she was put to sleep only days after she arrived.

Now that you have the “story”, here’s what I want to say to Lorrie:

Dear Lorrie,

Ben and I are so very glad, and feel LUCKY, that we found Annie in your booth during the Dog Show.

I hardly know you, however I feel like I KNOW you. It is beyond obvious that you are an incredibly giving person and have an amazing way with animals. You were so perceptive when you were at our house. You have such a wealth of knowledge about animal behavior and pit bulls and families and relationships and, and, and… I could go on forever.

Most of all, we’d like to thank you for the way you have raised Annie. Genetically, she may be a great dog, but you have brought her up from 0 to 7 months and those 7 months you did her right, without a doubt. She was clearly loved and trained in such a way that has made adopting her such an easy transition into our household. I bring her to work with me nearly every day and nobody can believe she’s a puppy since she’s so good and so well-behaved all day. I did not do that in a week – this is all you and how you must have nurtured her.

Thank you for being you, and for the work you do to promote the breed. We are proud pit-mix owners and tell EVERYONE we meet how great your organization is, and how wonderful our dogs are. THANKS!

I am sure our paths will continue to cross.

Liz & Ben

Annie cuddles with her new sister Miso.