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Happy Tails

Mocha really is happy

I met Louie a couple years after my wife passed away and about 6 months after my last dog had crossed over the bridge so I was in a place where having another dog was essential. The day Louie showed up at my house I knew he would be my companion from that day forward. Since then Louie and I have done so much together and have been through many ups and downs but through it all Louie always has a smile on his face. He is the sweetest and happiest dog I have ever had and everyone who meets him says the same thing. Since getting together with Louie we have moved from Seattle to Arizona for a couple years where Louie had knee surgery for a ruptured CCL. He recovered nicely and then we decided to move to the beach in Monterey, California. Louie come to find out loves the beach and the ocean as much as I do and we go there every chance we get. Louie is the only dog Iíve had that prefers playing ball over eating treats or food. You mention ball and there is nothing else on the planet that will take away his focus. Louie has made my life a better place and I canít thank Bullseye Rescue, Gretchen Anderson and Julie Smith enough for allowing me to be Louieís Dad. He is my best friend and makes me laugh on a daily basis. I am the luckiest guy to be rescued by such a wonderful dog.