Hope has obviously endured many fights. What has also endured is her love for people.
(The bulge on her leg is a dislocation that was never repaired.)

Phoenix is the puppy born at the shelter.

Bacchus lives up to his name with a true love for life.


Update 11/20/2010

Hard to believe that it's been a year since these dogs made ground breaking progress in Pierce County and were released for adoption.

Hope our happiest little pocket pit of a girl is loving life. She is still available for adoption and we are sure her new family is out there somewhere. Body and soul mended, Hope doesn't care that she is missing a leg. Hope has gained people who love and care for her and that's all she ever wanted. In comparing the photo to the left to the dog below, her new life is apparent.

Victor is a happy boy living with Joe and Monica in the Greenlake area. They adore this laid back, happy boy and we couldn't be more happy with the life he now has.

Phoenix just turned one year old! Spending the first four weeks of her life in a shelter would be a challenge to overcome for many dogs. Phoenix had other ideas. Truly rising from the ashes, this girl is every bit the ambassador Pit Bull we had hoped she would be. Christian, Amanda, and Willa are so proud of their girl and they have reason to be -she loves everyone and everything she meets.

Update 03/20/2010

A huge thanks to Victor for warding off a would be car jacker and saving his foster mom Amber. See the story on KOMO.

Hope has now healed from her leg amputation and is back to her Happy Hope self. It was hard to keep this girl down-literally! She didn't want to rest even an hour after her surgery and in running up her foster parents stairs two days after surgery she was so overjoyed to be "home" that she popped two of her stitches. See pictures of her playing with her foster brother HERE.

Update 01/11/10

Bacchus' Foster Mom says-

"Well, I just love him. He tries so hard... he wants to do the right thing...he is so smart... and I love him." All we have to say is- "Who wouldn't??"

Victor's Foster Family Shares-

Victor's Foster Family -"Well, we got Victor yesterday and from the very beginning he's an absolute love! His tail is always wagging happily and he's really enjoying exploring our home. He quickly found our toy corner and has pulled out, pounced, chewed on, and shook every soft, fluffy toy we have. He slept soundly and quietly in his crate last night and is spending the morning with the toy pile in the living room. He's such a cuddler and has already decided that my lap is the place to be if you're a happy pibble that loves back scratches!"

Phoenix is Growing Up!

Phoenix is now about 11 weeks old and thriving in our pack. She quickly learned what being part of a family is and is loving it! She loves playing with her new puppy friends and has gone from being trounced on to instigating the play. She loves to shake her tug toys and run after a ball. Phoenix has spunk and is not afraid to use it! She also likes to have a good cuddle under the sweatshirt with her head poking out the top. She has had lots of visitors including children and just loves every single one! She has learned that when she comes in from outside she gets a cookie if she sits and looks at me. Give her a pig ear and she is in heaven. She doesn't even mind sharing it with the other puppies. She is very respectful of the big dogs and takes correction from them very well. Phoenix has met some kitties and aside from a curious sniff has decided she best leave well enough alone. Very smart girl!

Promise is Baby Free

Promise is loving her freedom from baby Phoenix. She was a good Mama bringing up her puppy with lots of love, play and TLC but is now ready to have it be all about her! She's eager to move into her own foster home and have a refreshing bath and a good snuggle on the couch and rub on the belly. She is very people focused and wants nothing more than to be doted upon.

New Photos of Hope-

Check out our girl in her foster home loving life as a normal dog.

Update 12/29/09

Phoenix is a happy little almost 8 week old baby getting ready to venture away from her mama, Promise. She loves people and other puppies and will be going to a foster family that has two other puppies to play with.

Promise continues to love the home life, snuggling on the couch whenever she gets the chance. She will need a great deal of dental work once she has weaned Phoenix and is healthy enough for surgery.

Bacchus will be going to his foster home this week with a dog trainer no less! She will harness his non-stop energy and we know he will be a Pit Bull rock star.

Victor continues to wait patiently for his foster home. Please fill out our foster form application if you are interested in giving this boy a chance at a real life.

Hope is loving her foster home, took to the crate like a pro, and has learned sit and down. Smart girl! We have had good news about her non-injured leg. It is strong enough to hold all of her weight (though does show signs of past traumas from fighting) and we will proceed with amputation of the badly damaged leg that has the dislocated wrist. She will also need a great deal of dental work due to broken teeth.

Please consider a donation to help with Hope's expected large veterinarian bill by going to our DONATE page.

And now comes happiness and healing...

A Pierce County judge directed that the 22 Pit Bulls confiscated from a suspected fighting operation in Graham on October 6 be released to Pierce County Animal Control on November 19. They subsequently released the dogs to The Humane Society for Tacoma and Pierce County.  All of the dogs were then evaluated for potential rescue. After thorough behavior assessments, five of these dogs have been released to BullsEye Dog Rescue for potential adoption.

The five Pit Bulls, which include a puppy born at the shelter, will be the first dogs from a suspected fighting background to be released for possible adoption in Pierce County. 

Sherriff’s deputies found the Pit Bulls, along with dog fighting literature, training equipment, medication, and the remains of dead dogs, after responding to a domestic violence call in Graham eight weeks ago.  The dogs were confiscated and taken to the Humane Society for Tacoma and Pierce County animal shelter.

While at the shelter, the dogs received medical care and were under close observation by staff and volunteers from BullsEye Dog Rescue, a Pit Bull rescue, education and advocacy group that partners with the Humane Society to place ambassador pit bulls with families. 

Pierce County Animal Control, The Humane Society, and BullsEye Dog Rescue worked together from the beginning to carefully evaluate the dogs with the intent of finding homes for those that may be adoptable.   

In the past, all dogs taken from fighting operations were assumed to be unadoptable.  Animal welfare advocates and Pit Bull experts have demonstrated, however, that many of them can go on to make wonderful pets.   

BullsEye Dog Rescue is fostering the five dogs, where they will be transitioning into family settings in preparation for adoption into qualified homes.  They will continue to receive medical treatment and therapy for extensive injuries, and emotional damage from years of neglect and abuse. Extensive resources will be going to rehabilitating their scars on the outside and inside. Please consider a DONATION to help with their care.

Please check back often to see updates on their progress!

Promise, the momma of Phoenix, enjoys a bit of alone time in the yard.(left)

Victor seems to be reflecting on his new life without pain and full of lots of love.


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