Dear Friends of BullsEye Dog Rescue

BullsEye Dog Rescue's mission has been the guiding principal of our efforts, to improve public perception and support responsible ownership of pit bull type dogs through education, advocacy, and rescue. Over the past 14 years, thanks to your generous support in the form of time, effort, and donations, each of you has helped BullsEye Dog Rescue affect our community in a number of ways:

ADVOCACY - Our ongoing efforts have had a direct impact in public perception, which in turn has helped transform the vast majority of shelters in our state into open adoption programs where pit bull type dogs are adopted out like any other breed of dog. In fact, our direct involvement with the largest shelter in Washington State helped overturn a 20 year ban in adopting out pit bulls through our Adopt-a-Bull Project, saving 900+ dogs previously bound for euthanasia based solely on breed.

EDUCATION - The Responsi-Bull Project, a program launched in 2009 with a goal of keeping pit bull type dogs in their homes, provided over 3,300 free microchips and spay/neuter surgeries, conducted 30 responsible dog owner workshops, and offered 60 Train-A-Pit obedience classes to over 500 pit bull type dogs and the people that love them.

RESCUE - Although our focus was never on the rescue and placement of dogs, but rather keeping dogs in the homes they already had, BullsEye Dog Rescue helped 244 dogs in their journey to find a better life. Never a rescue to shy away from the hard fight, we often found ourselves helping those dogs that were shelter stressed, medically needy, the old or the very young. In fact, we were also blessed to have been chosen to help assess and place dogs rescued from a dog fighting bust for the first time in Washington history.

PERCEPTION - Our annual event, Pit Bulls on Parade, which started in 2009, has helped to showcase the talents, outrageous personalities and many abilities pit bull type dogs have through Canine Good Citizen testing, working breed demos, and booths that total attendance calculated at over 8,000 attendees and guests! This event garnered significant media coverage for many years, showcasing the dogs in a positive light.

The goal of many non-profits is that one day the need for the service they provide is no longer necessary. It is with your support that our mission has been fulfilled over the last 14 years. As we move towards a safer, more secure pit bull community, it is with a heavy heart that we must inform you that Bullseye Dog Rescue will be closed as of June 30, 2019.

However, due to your generosity, we will be able to continue supporting pit bull type dogs by distributing the remaining funds from the closure of BullsEye Dog Rescue. Our longtime partner, Pasado's Safe Haven, will continue to offer free microchips for pit bull type dogs at their spay/neuter stations. Additionally, Hello Pitty Rescue will be able to continue the Train-a-Pit Program. We are so happy to share that our donation will provide funding for at least 3 more years of The Responsi-Bull Project.

Thank you for your support through the years. With your partnership we have saved the lives of thousands of dogs, and changed the destiny of pit bull type dogs in our state forever.

For the love of the pit bull,
Lorrie Kalmbach Ehlers, President
Julie Smith, Vice President
Rentia Childs, Treasurer
Anne Bosse, Secretary
Pam Swick, Director
Juli Goodrich, Director


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